Cherry Punch

THC/CBD: 19-24%

Lineage: Cherry AK-47 x Purple Punch
Breeder: Symbiotic Genetics
THC/CBD: 19-24%
Terpenes: 3.7-4%
Flavours: Candy, Cherry, Sweet
Potency: High
Flower Time: 50-55 Days
Yield: 106g/plant (post dry and trim)
Plant Height: Medium



Cherry punch #11 consists of some of the rarest and most endangered genetics to this day. Often imitated but never duplicated, this cultivar truly earned its place in Mothers genetic repertoire due to its incredible potency and unforgettable pure cherry soda terpene profile. Cherry punch #11 is absolutely a top-notch production variety. Staying noticeably short with speedy production of rock-hard flowers that are supported by an extremely rigid and robust frame. Cherry Punch #11 possesses one of the fastest finishing times in our catalogue and requires no additional training or support other than an initial topping.


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