First Class Funk (CH)

THC/CBD: 24-32%

Lineage: GMO x Jet Fuel Gelato
Breeder: Compound Genetics/Wyeast Farms
THC/CBD: 24-29%
Terpenes: 4-5%
Flavours: Funk, Cream, Petrol
Potency: High
Flower Time: 70-75 Days
Yield: 175g/plant (post dry and trim)
Plant Height: Tall


Cultivated Happiness Cut


The Cultivating Happiness cut of first class funk has garnered many accolades and earned a reputation of being in the elite category, especially since it has only been grown by a small circle of some of the best growers in Canada. Earthy gelato & fuel with an unmistakable funk that overtakes the pallet immediately upon inhale. The effects are potent and fast acting and a nice balance of head and body. This cultivar also lives up to its name prior to harvest as well taking the best attributes from both parents. Vigor in the vegetative state is nothing short of impressive regarding rooting and growth rates. In flower she continues to drop jaws as it forms massive, stacked colas of the highest-grade cannabis in 9-10 weeks.


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