Flawless Victory

THC/CBD: 24-27%

Lineage: Ice Cream Cake x Cherry Cheesecake
Breeder: Mother Labs
THC/CBD: 24-28%
Terpenes: 2-3%
Flavours: Cream, Dank, Fuel, Petrol
Potency: High
Flower Time: 56-63 days
Yield: 158g/plant (post dry and trim)
Plant Height: Tall



Vibrant to dark greens, almost artificial-looking purples, super dark leaves and just covered in swollen gland heads that shimmer like diamonds. Flawless Victory is absolutely gorgeous! She can be one very big girl growing just as wide as she is tall. Rest assured, plant training methods are well received so she can be adopted to a variety of cultivation methods. This is the plant that will have you coming into the room day after day to post to social media. In contrast to her good vibes, she has a no-nonsense nose that is cream with Kush and a petrol finish. Effects can be described as heavy and sedative with a quick onset.


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