Gelato #33

THC/CBD: 19-23%

Lineage: Pink Panties x Sunset Sherbert
Breeder: Sherbinsky
THC/CBD: 19-23%
Terpenes: 2-3.2%
Flavours: Fuel, Chem, Cream, Sweet
Potency: High
Flower Time: 55-60 Days
Yield: 66g/plant (post dry and trim)
Plant Height: Medium



Smooth. Creamy. Gelato. Gas. Will take you by surprise as it is so smooth on the draw then hits leaving you with the “oh yeah” face. This is a selection from a hunt of the Seed Junky Genetics release that is so coated in trichomes by harvest that its almost hard to see the beautiful purple and dark hues on the buds. She will have moderate stretch and grow sturdy branches with stacking colas that make it a good yielding choice that finishes in 9 weeks. This plant will almost completely fade to black by chop time.


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