THC/CBD: 20-24%

Lineage: Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch
Breeder: In-House Genetics
THC/CBD: 20-24%
Terpenes: 2-3%
Flavours: Berry, Grape, Sweet
Potency: Medium
Flower Time: 55-60 Days
Yield: 208g/plant (post dry and trim)
Plant Height: Tall



One of the most vigorous and aesthetically pleasing cultivars out there. Slurricane displays extremely fast-growing traits both in the vegetative and flowering stage. When flowered, this variety Exhibits beautiful pink and purple hues with a thick coating of trichomes that almost seem to mask those colorful hues entirely. Growers will not find giant colas rather a mass of golf ball type flowers all over the plant. Expect a flavor and aroma of sweet and bright much like a bowl of fruit salad. A Great yielder that will require support in the flowering stage double Netting is recommended due to heavy bud-sets on narrow branches. SlurricaneIX is the newest version from in-house genetics and is a back cross of the highly sought after slurricane genetic.


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