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Superior Cannabis
Growing Solutions

Mother Labs Inc. is North America’s largest full-service cannabis nursery and supplier. We concentrate on bringing services to market that not only help our clients increase revenue but decrease the cost of their operations and eliminate risks. This allows them to truly focus on what they do best, growing quality flower!

Meet the Family

We don’t use tissue culture micropropagation to make the products that are shipped- we use them for source material- not sure what you think Brian, but this suggests they are receiving TC micro-propagated plantlets grown into the products shown below.
small cannabis clone rooting in soil with green leaves and white roots

Clone Plants

Clones are rooted cuttings taken from a mother plant. With established roots, they are ready to be transferred to any type of growing environment.

cannabis teen with green leaves and rooted in block of soil with white roots showing at bottom

Teen Plants

Teenagers are well-established, resilient and ready to transplant or flower.

Birthing new genetic cultivars

Mother's Genetics

Sour OG Cheese #3
Lemon Margy
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