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We recognize the financial implications of keeping genetics alive when they won't be used for an extended period. That's why our secure Bio-Banking™ service not only empowers you to shape the future of your prized cultivars but also serves as a cost mitigation strategy.

With our reliable solution for long or short-term storage and management, you can avoid wasting money on unnecessary upkeep. Whether you choose to extract the genetics for immediate production or preserve them frozen for future launches, our Bio-Banking™ service allows you to optimize your resources and make informed decisions.

Key features of Mother's Bio-Banking™:

We ensure maximum protection for your genetics through highly secure storage and strict confidentiality measures. Random codes are used for onboarding and cultivar or client names are never placed on labels, emphasizing confidentiality. Our dedicated team prioritizes both physical and digital security.

You have the freedom to retrieve your stored genetics at your convenience. You retain full control over the plant format, volume and how they are used and distributed.

Mother Labs proudly holds the distinction of being the sole group in Canada with a proven track record in cryo preservation with cannabis. This achievement has earned us the trust of esteemed cannabis companies worldwide, positioning us as their most reliable and trusted partner.

Step into the future with our Bio-Banking service beginning at $5,000, which offers genetic protection for a period of one year with an annual renewal option. Looking for long-term security? This initial investment in Bio-Banking promises not only safeguarding of your valuable genetic material, but also paves the way for sustainable growth and innovation in your operations.


We understand the real challenges cultivators face with genetic quality. Our rejuvenation service tackles contaminated genetics head-on, utilizing our state-of-the-art tissue culture lab and process. By restoring health and eliminating pathogens and pests, we deliver clean and reliable plants for your future cultivation. Don't let costly issues like pests and pathogens hinder your progress. Work with Mother Labs for clean and high-quality products you can trust.

Key benefits of Mother's Rejuvenation service:

Our rejuvenation service is essential for risk management in the cannabis industry. Prioritizing the long-term health and vitality of your genetics, we contribute to cultivators' success. Don't overlook the toll intense pests or pathogens take on your team. Reach out to Mother Labs to secure your highest chance of success. We understand the challenges and are here to support you every step of the way

We eliminate the guesswork by collaborating with independent laboratories to verify the cleanliness and purity of your rejuvenated genetics. By working with trusted labs, we provide you with concrete evidence and peace of mind regarding the cleanliness and purity of your genetics.

We utilize advanced and proprietary techniques to eliminate contaminants and restore your genetics to their purest state. With our expertise and cutting-edge methods, we are able to rejuvenate your genetics, ensuring they are free from impurities.

Invest in the future of your genetics with our Rejuvenation service, offered at a cost of $5,000. This service involves an extensive 12 to 16 week clean-up process (cultivar dependent), during which we meticulously ensure the revitalization of your valuable genetic resources. The initial investment in Rejuvenation not only promises the preservation and enhancement of your genetic assets but also supports their continued health and productivity for the long term.

Biological Asset Management

Mother Labs is your partner in the simplified management and distribution of genetics for developers, brands, and producers. Our comprehensive service takes care of every step, including storage, distribution, processing, logistics, and regulatory navigation. With our expertise and support, you can confidently focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of genetic management. Rest assured, Mother Labs is here to provide a seamless experience, ensuring your genetic assets are in capable hands.

Experience the Mother Labs difference with our biological asset management services:

Our white glove service is tailored to meet your unique needs, providing a bespoke solution that ensures exceptional care. To discover more about the range of services we offer and how we can cater to your specific requirements, we highly recommend reaching out to one of our trusted team members today!

Trust Mother to guide you in managing your intellectual property (I.P.) effectively. Whether you need help with licensing, finding buyers, building partnerships, or exploring your options, our dedicated team is here to provide expert assistance. Rest assured that your I.P. is in capable hands, ensuring proper management and maximizing your opportunities for success. Contact us today for reliable support.

Our roots run deep in this industry. We are here to help you navagate your genetic challanges on a global level, you can count on Mother; your partners in profit.

Lab services to streamline your operations and gain better profit margins.

International Export

International Export of Genetic Material: Expanding Horizons in Cannabis Cultivation

Mother Labs is committed to providing our exceptional genetic offerings to cultivators across the globe. Our International Export services enable the seamless distribution of tissue-cultured germplasm to any legal market worldwide, supporting the growth and development of emerging cannabis industries.

Key features of our international abilities:

We are equipped to export our premium tissue-cultured genetic material to any legal market around the world, expanding the horizons of your cannabis cultivation project.

Our extensive selection of cultivars is prepared to meet the demands of emerging legal markets, providing you with the best possible genetic foundation for your operation.

Our robust tissue cultures can withstand extended quarantine periods, ensuring high survival rates even in cases where import laws require longer delays.

Our robust tissue cultures can withstand extended quarantine periods, ensuring high survival rates even in cases where import laws require longer delays.

Biological Asset Management

Mother Labs takes biological asset management to the next level, meticulously safeguarding your valuable genetic resources. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and practices, we ensure optimal preservation, accuracy, and viability, driving success in your operations.