trichome covered live cannabis flower cropped out on white background

Cannabis Starter Materials Contractual Supply

We offer cannabis clones & teens with verified premium quality genetics. Our team specializes in contractual plant material supply, cultivation consultation, genetic supply, genetic remediation, and genetic storage.

We concentrate on helping clients increase revenue, decrease the cost to their operations and eliminate risks. This allows them to truly focus on what they do best, growing quality flower!

Mother's Advantages

Mother goes above and beyond to support our clients, we work with your team to get the most out of our genetics including, but not limited to: regular 1:1 grower calls, post-sales plant support, critical cultivar information, and on site grower visits.

Mother Labs has also built a rigorous quality assurance process, we ensure our products are hand inspected, pre-sorted and packaged to the highest standards.

Grower Talk

Mother will set up a 1 hour call with your horticulture team to discuss growing each cultivar, details of environment, and growers philosophies.

Plant and Cultivation Data

The Mother Grow Team will divulge it’s trade secrets. This will include detailed data regarding growth patterns, canopy spread, flowering time, and more!

C.O.A. Lab Testing

Our partnership with High North Labs allows us to uphold the highest QA standards with fast and reliable product testing and multiple detailed COAs for every genetic.

small cannabis clone rooting in soil with green leaves and white roots


Cannabis clones are genetically identical and cut from their mother plant. This quicker and cost-effective method of cultivation gives growers a leading edge in the industry.

cannabis teen with green leaves and rooted in block of soil with white roots showing at bottom


Ready to transplant or flower, depending on cultivator’s growing practices. Teens are an intelligent solution for gaining extra growing cycles annually; teens also allow growers to convert vegging space to flowering rooms to truly maximize output.

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Clones and Teens



We offer a variety of subscription options custom to your operations size and needs. From micro producers to large corporations, we are equipped to provide quality cannabis starter material whenever you need it!