FAQ - Mother Labs Inc.


Do I need a Licence to buy from Mother?

Yes, we currently can only sell to licensed entities as per the Cannabis Act of Canada. A valid license is required to purchase.

Do you sell to people registered or designated to produce cannabis for medical purposes?

Very Soon! Mother has just recently received its Federal Sales License to sell to registered patients. We are excited to be able to provide some of the cleanest plants available for patients to grow their own medicine. Tissue culture for all!

Do you sell to homegrowers?

Not yet. We are working towards selling retail clones and teens to enjoy in your own garden. Please check your provincial laws for personal cultivation regulations.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes. Mother Labs can export tissue cultured germplasm to any legal market in the world.

What are some of the requirements to partnering with Mother?

  • Verified License
  • Sign Contract
     - Select Product
     - Negotiate Terms
     - Curate Delivery Schedule
  • Submit Purchase Order
  • Maintain Healthy A/R Balance

What are typical plant lead times?

We are a cut to order service at Mother. This ensures the highest levels of plant health shipped to your door.


  • Traditional Clones are ready to ship in 3 weeks
  • Quick PicksTM are ready to ship in 4 weeks
  • Teen plants are ready to ship in 6 weeks

How will I get the clones/teens?

Place an order with our sales team and a fast, efficient shipping plan will be created with secure delivery by air or ground. Mother Labs may request shipment on specific days to optimize cost for customer.

How do I pay my invoice?

We accept payment via Interac eTransfer, wire transfer, or cheque. Currently, we are unable to accept credit card payment but are working diligently on making that option available. For more questions on how to pay, please email info@motherlabs.ca.

When do I pay?

Specific payment terms will be made with our sales team. Typically, we require 50% prepayment to reserve your plants in our farm.

What is the deal with genetic availability?

We typically have 5-10 cultivars available per quarter, releasing up to 20 per year. Genetics marked ‘available’ will be ready with normal expected lead times. Please speak with a sale rep to find out when the ‘coming soon’ genetics will be ready for purchase. Genetics listed ‘not available’ can be taken out of the official Mother Labs Genetic Bio-Bank at special request.

Genetics & Lab Services

Does Mother clean up ACMPR genetics?

No. Health Canada does not allow for this at this time.

If I give you access to my genetics how can you ensure privacy?

Your intellectual property is safe with mother. When onboarding clients’ genetics we safeguard and conceal the identity of every specimen. We allocate random identifying codes to ensure privacy from both external and internal personnel.

What is security like at Mother?

We restrict and monitor access to sites across the facility. Both employee and visitor access are carefully controlled.

Do you guys do Quality Assurance?

We guarantee a rigorous series of checks and balances before any plant leaves the facility. QA is a driving force at Mother and we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve not just meeting industry regulations but exceeding the expectations.

Where do you perform tissue culture techniques and lab services?

Our state-of-the-art Tissue Culture Lab is the birthplace for immaculately conceived clones. Advanced micropropogation happens in this scientific, hygienically sealed space.

What other procedures do you have in place?

Our facility practices detailed standard operating procedures across the board. We are extremely diligent and organized with all procedures and practices within the farm. Our SOPs are integrated into the company culture.

Plants & Growing

How big are the quick picks, clones and teens?

  • Traditional Clones are 5-7” Tall
  • Quick PicksTM are 3-5” Tall
  • Teen plants are 7-11” Tall

Size and morphology may vary slightly between cultivars.

What makes your plants superior?

Our plants are not only guaranteed pest, pathogen and virus free but they are grown and nurtured from TC to plant delivery by a team of experts in tissue culture lab techniques, propagation, production, cultivation, quality assurance and supply chain. We are a team of legacy growers with a proven track record of working in cannabis. We are dedicated to our craft.

What are the suggested vegging times?

Teens: 7-14 days max

Quick Picks/Clones: 14-18 days (until desirable height is reached)

Are clones better than growing from seed?

Yes. Cloning is the only way to guarantee the consistent genetic traits that were selected from the mother plant will be delivered plant after plant. These desired genetic traits will be carried over including cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, size, morphology and plant productivity.

In business, delivering a consistent, quality experience to your customers is king. The curated process of phenohunting a winning combination of genetics is vital and needs to be protected. Mother’s clone, quick pick and teen starter material helps our clients to increase their revenue, eliminate risks, create reliable forecasting and get the start they need to cultivate beautiful plants.